Raequel McCosker Hoffman

Professional Onewheel Competitor

Riding since 2016.

Home town: Chico, California

Current city: Sacramento, California

Favorite riding style

For Raequel trails that are just fun! Not too much of the rocks and roots everywhere as a fun challenge, even though she can charge with the best of them, but she likes just fun, smooth, curvy twisty turny trails especially if they have red clay.

Thing enjoyed most about competing

Raequel enjoys the fellow comradery of fellow onewheelers that she doesn’t get to see all the time. The feeling of competition can make her nervous, it’s one of those feelings she explains is a good thing. It’s in that same branch of hard work, exercise and having a common goal where she is trying to better herself. 

The best thing about riding for fun

It’s very freeing for Raequel. She enjoys being able to answer to nobody but herself. She’s not trying to beat times, she’s not trying to be the first person to land XXX, she’s not trying to get something difficult on film or a difficult shot of something where she is having to do something over and over and over again. All of that stuff  mentioned is fun to her too but it’s more fun when she gets to look back at it and share it with other people. It’s more of a reward that way. When she is riding for just herself it’s just this glee that she gets, no pressure, no worries, just her, herself and fun.

Two favorite tricks and how long did they take to learn (November 2019)

An airborne drop body varial because it’s probably her most prized possession of a trick and most difficult thing she can do. This trick didn’t take her very long because she had already learned the non airborne drop by having already done a body varial. So it took her about an hour of trying over and over again. Within that hour, she got a couple on film and the last one she got on film was the one!  The first one she did was only about a foot, the next one was about two feet so it was more of a real airborne drop body varial. It took about 20-30 tries, She would have gotten it earlier but there was wet grass and that didn’t help.

Nose slide on a curb: Technically she’s got it, but she’s working towards pushing it and mastering it with even more length and style. She has been working on it when opportunity arises for 2.5 years. 

Favorite thing about coaching

Being a PE teacher, Raequel enjoys teaching physical things and onewheeling is one of those things. It really makes her happy when she can teach someone something that they are doing for the first time, or getting anybody to the next level.

“It brings me joy, when I see joy in other people learning!” Raequel McCosker Hoffman

Professional Onewheel Competitor

racheal Cecil

Riding since 2018.

Home town: Katy, Texas

Current city: Atlanta, Georgia


Favorite riding Style

Racheals favorite riding style is street skating and she loves challenging herself from point A to B.


Thing enjoyed most about competing

Racheal enjoys competing trick competitions because during a trick competitions she has a chance to showcase her skills, she also takes chances that she normally wouldn’t and gives her a chance to get creative and express it to the community.

During racing competition she explains, racing isn’t about going as fast as possible, it’s about staying on your board.

The best thing about riding for fun

To Racheal it’s the best feeling in the world… Just the moments out riding by yourself, it’s awesome!

Two favorite tricks and how long did they take to learn (November 2019)

Mini Burn out. Is basically a version of a quick stop but you stay on your board. This trick took Racheal about one day for it to click and dial it in.

Toe Frontside 360. A lot of it is all in the shoulders.  This one took about 2 weeks, Racheals girlfriend helped play a major role in getting the trick as a second eye and advice

Favorite thing about coaching

Racheal loves coaching, because it’s so satisfying to land a trick and own it and sharing that experience with new riders wanting to learn.